Erasmus Plus: KA229

nº Proyecto: 2019-1-FR01-KA229-062323_5


Europe Our Future is about reminding adults and teaching young people about the European

Dream increasing their knowledge of EU achievements and functions and interesting people in its

future promoting transnational mobilities for young generations and increasing competencies in our

first foreign language: English

With students, we will analyse and debate about the school and jobs systems of the partner

countries, as well as their social inclusion policies or the issues of EU citizenship and gender issues.


Secondary Schools taking part in the project:

Lycée Pierre Termier, Grenoble, France.

ISIS Edith Stein, Gavirate, Italy.

Skofijska Gimnazija, Vipava, Slovenia

IES San Isidoro, Sevilla, Spain.

Gimnasio Plomariou, Lesbos, Greece


1st meeting:

Schools for Europe, Grenoble November 16-23, 2019

Participating students:

Gabriela Herrera (4ºB)

Coral Hernández (4ºB)

Yedra García (4ºB)

Rodrigo Astorga (4ºB)

Participating teachers:

Luis Martínez (English teacher)

Mª Dolores Mena (Art teacher)


Video on the survey done to students, teachers and alumni (ex-students) from IES San Isidoro about:

Sustainibility at School, Social inclusion, Civil Rights and EU Citizenship, Gender attitudes and job opportunities:

By Yedra García and Gabriela Herrera (4ºB)